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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News ReWalk among Forbes' "10 Health Tech Companies Changing The World"

ReWalk among Forbes' "10 Health Tech Companies Changing The World"

Jun. 5, 2014

Healthcare is such a bloated and bureaucratic industry that, at first glance, it might seem immune to disruption by innovators, writes Forbes. But a new crop of tech entrepreneurs is trying to change that. Their products range from apps and social networks to robots and complex simulators. But they all share a common goal: to leverage new technology to fix an old industry. Here are 10 of today’s tech startups that are changing healthcare and the world:

One of them is ReWalk After an accident left Amit Goffer in a wheelchair for life, he started developing a system that would enable people with spinal cord injuries to walk again. It took more than a decade, but now the ReWalk exoskeleton is available to consumers at a price of $85,000. The ReWalk is basically a battery-powered set of legs. Users strap it on and then use crutches to balance as they walk. One of the primary goals is to allow people who have been bound to wheelchairs to meet the world “eye-to-eye” again. But the system provides real mobility, as well as positive metabolic effects and increased functionality, too. In 2012, a 32-year-old woman who’d been paralyzed from the chest down used a ReWalk to complete the London Marathon in 17 days.

besides ReWalk, another five out of the ten chosen companies are Israeli: uMoove, Surgical Theater, TotallyPregnant, HelpAround and Telesofia Medical. Telesofia was also one of the BioMed winners of the WOW start-up competition at IATI's MIXiii 2014 Conference.

For the full Forbes project click here.

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