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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News IATI's 2nd Weekathon Demoday: The Presentations

IATI's 2nd Weekathon Demoday: The Presentations

Feb. 23, 2014

1. Face Door: Face recognition door (with a lock, bell, and a Camera). A visitor clicks the ring bell, the device takes a picture of him, sends to the cloud (Azure) and tries to detect who that person is. If he is a family member, the door is opened, if not, the image is sent to your mobile phone, and you can open the door from remote. Click here for a video featuring Face Door. 

By Tamir Twina (Citi), Guy Merin & Amit Hilbuch (Microsoft) and Oved Ourfali (Red Hat). 

2. Driver Engagement Monitoring System: In this project we will be using the Fit-Bit, heart rate and driver's behavioral data to measure the driver engagement (arousal) level. Based on this data, we will try to manipulate the driver’s arousal level by modifying the radio volume or inducing vibrations through the Fit-Bit device. For the project's video click here.

By Assaf Degani, Ariel Telpaz & Claudia Goldman (General Motors) and Ran Mitelman (Microsoft).

3. Radio Max: RadioMax is a system that let you record radio from different stations on specific times, and enable replay of those recordings.

By Amit Kanfer & Shimon Goldberg (3M), Moshe Srur (eBay), Ronen Ozer (GE HealthCare) and Uri Lublin (Red Hat).

4. Paybble: Experiments in IUI (Invisible User Interfaces); “Your body is your interface - Wearable devices aided collaboration: using capabilities of wearable devices for collaboration, capturing and delivering information and notification. For the Paybble video click here.

By Ido Shaked (Citi), Barak Gitzis (eBay), Addy Santo (Microsoft) and Gal Hammer (Red Hat).

5. Carpedia: The Carpedia project aims to enrich the experience while driving a car by providing real time user oriented information regarding places, events and monuments in the proximity of the car location.  The information provided by the system is correlated to the people inside the car by using user pre-defined set of interests or the information gathered from social networks regarding the specific person. For the Carpedia video click here.

By Nachum Shmilovitz (3M, Max Manco, Amir Harel & Vladi Vainer (eBay).

6. Blind Phone: Green light detection application for blind people. The typical scenario includes a blind man standing in front of a pedestrian crossing, waiting for green light to cross,  with his phone in his shirt pocket. The phone’s camera starts capturing the scene that should include the traffic light. Application detects the pedestrian traffic light and recognizes whether it’s red or green. Based on this it says repeatedly “red” or “green” using the phone’s speaker.

By Shai Rubin & Kfir Tishbi (Citi), Igor Lyakas (Ge Healthcare) and Adi Eldar (Microsoft).

7. Wearable Bladder Measurement (PP Device): The Bladder Control project goal is to develop a cheap device to monitor The Bladder condition. Such a device can assist diabetes patients for example.

Saar Farkash & Sebastian Bekerman (3M), Alon Levy & Eduardo Warszawski (Red Hat).

8. Lucid Reality: Creating an educating and fun Virtual Reallity experience through a game that will envolve skills of spatial orientation, building in a 3-dimensional space and creativity, using the "Kinect" and "Oculus Rift" platforms.

By Amir Tal (Citi), Omer Deutsch (General Motors) and Saggi Mizrahi (Red Hat).

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