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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News IATI Members: Let Your Voice be Heard on The Jerusalem Post!

IATI Members: Let Your Voice be Heard on The Jerusalem Post!

Feb. 12, 2017

Dear IATI Members,

As part of a new collaboration between IATI and the Jerusalem Post we invite you, IATI members, to send opinion pieces that will be published in English on the Jerusalem Post's website, in a new section dedicated to Israel's Innovation and Technology industries.

Click here for the list of already published articles.

Jerusalem Post's audience consists of hundreds of thousands of English speakers throughout Europe, the US, and Israel – mostly Israel supporters from middle to high socio-economic status.

Our joint goal is to spread the word about Israel's prosperous Innovation industry through your articles, that will be published on the website with full credit to the writer.

We would be happy to receive more pieces from you with original descriptions or analysis of a phenomena unique to the Israeli Innovation and Tech industries.

Possible topics could include: cultural & economical aspects and their influence on the local High-tech industry; advancing STEM education; institutional investments; taxation; the influence of R&D centers based in Israel; cutting edge technologies and trends; promoting workforce diversity and integrating different sectors of society in the industry; unique workforce characteristics - cultivating and managing it in Israel; investing in Israel Innovation developments; the local industry's unique ecosystem, etc.


The articles should be written in English, 500-600 words.

It is of high importance that the articles will not seem like marketing articles or promotions. They should be written from a personal-professional point of view.

It is absolutely acceptable, and even recommended, to write in simple, "eye level" language.

To conclude, remember that you will be writing for readers worldwide, and not just in Israel.

The offer is valid for IATI Members only!

Check out previously published articles.

 For further information, or in order to send an article in accordance with above instructions, please contact Avivit: avivit@iati.co.il, 073-2735336

The Jerusalem Post will review, alongside IATI, every sent article, and will decide when and whether to publish it.  



Karin Mayer Rubinstein,



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