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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI News & Events Daily Industry News IATI Members Share Covid-19 Legal and Financial Updates

IATI Members Share Covid-19 Legal and Financial Updates

Jun. 17, 2020

Check Out What We've Done For The Israeli Ecosystem During COVID-19!


​Click here for the recording of the Governmental online panel, led by IATI with the Budget Department and Israel Innovation Authority, regarding the aid fo high-ech and life science sector.

In this emergency time of public health caution steps, regarding the Coronavirus global spread, our common goal is to help the Israeli innovative community to stay active and prevent further damages.

IATI shares here some relevant IATI Members' Corona updates and articles, for the benefit of Israeli innovation community.

Also refer to our main news page and our event calendar for more Coronavirus related updates, hackathons, webinars and more. 

Direct & frequent updates from Israeli governmental ministries. 

Foreign Trade Administration - Coronavirus Handling Among Selected Countries 

Ministry of Health - Instructions, guidance, advice and information on the corona virus .

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8400 The Health Network

8400’s COVID-19 Task Force Dashboard 

Dealing With Staff Costs During the Coronavirus Crisis

APM & Co.

Corona and Competition 


Corona Related Webinar Series

5 Ways To Use Your Quarantine Time For Proffesional Improvement

Webinar Series: All You Need To Know About Productivity And Working From Home

Deloitte Israel
Combating COVID-19 with resilience  (Hebrew Version).

Ehrlich Group
Dr. Gal Ehrlich on why it takes so long to develop a COVID19 vaccine.

Israeli entrepreneurs race to protect potential coronavirus solutions


“Substantial Presence” Residency Test Addressed by IRS in Reaction to COVID-19

IRS Questions and Answers – Information for Non-Resident Aliens and Foreign Businesses Impacted By COVID-19 Travel Disruptions

How Will VCs React to COVID-19?

IRS Clarifies COVID-19 Relief for Taxpayers Claiming Net Operating Losses and Minimum Tax Credits

Coronavirus: Actions To Consider and Questions To Ask ,

See also: EisnerAmper Coronavirus (COVID-19) Knowledge Center

Ernst & Young

COVID-19 enterprise resilience framework

FBC & Co.

Webinar: Post Corona Property Tax. May 21, 2020

Unpaid Leave and the Return - The Day After

Law: postonding dates of decision making regarding authorities 

Postponding Regulatory Approvals 

Legal Update – Capital Markets

Special Update – Coronavirus

Legal Update – Coronavirus

Legal Update – Labor & Employment

Submitting a Request To Be acknowledges As An Indispensable Enterprise.

See also: General Corona Updates Page

Frost & Sulllivan
Coronavirus and the Impact of an Artificial Face Mask Deficit

Facts, Not Fear: BPO’s Refuse to Let the Coronavirus Wreak Havoc on Employees and CX

Radio Interview: IoT as a Key Technology to Tackle the Outbreak of the Coronavirus

Also - see the special Corona updates page on the Frost & Sullivan website.

GKH Law 

May 2020 Work Regulations Newsletter

Newsletter with updates, questions, and answers about Coronavirus (by Yael Dolev and Idan Fefer).

An interview with Prof. David Hahn from the GKH office about Coronavirus.

The effect of the Coronavirus, By Eli (Robert) Barasch.

Ensuring business continuity and the impact of the Corona virus on corporate governance, by Ben Lipatz.

Boards of Directors in Light of COVID-19: Duties, Dos and Don’ts, and How to Reduce the Risk of Personal Liability - By Prof. David Hahn.

Goldfarb Seligman & Co.

General Cocorna legal updates

Updates on Securities Authority rules regarding Coronavirus

The Manufacturers Association Request to Ease Reporting Deadlines and Permit Applications 

Competition Authority Clarifications Following the Coronavirus Crisis 

Israel Securities Authority Announcements and Clarifications Following the Coronavirus Crisis 

Relocation During the Coronavirus Outbreak 

Is Coronavirus Considered Force Majeure in Contract Law? 

Tax Updates Following the Impact of the Coronavirus on the Market 

Privacy During the Coronavirus Outbreak 

Israel Securities Authority Announced the Postponement of the 2019 Annual Report Deadline 


A New Era for Private Equity Funds formed in Cayman Islands?

Greenberg Traurig 

PPP Loan Will Cause Related Company to Be Ineligible for CARES Act Employee Retention Tax Credit

Israeli Business Immigration to the United States in the Time of COVID-19

Coronavirus Disease 2019 and Force Majeure Contract Clauses.

U.S. Company Obligations in Light of the Coronavirus Outbreak.

Hogan Lovells

COVID-19 resources for the Life Sciences and Health Care Industry

Podcast: Talking the cure: Discussing FDA authorities for handling a global pandemic for medical devices

Medical devices and coronavirus: A European supplement

Medical devices and coronavirus Part II: Supply chain issues and minimizing the impact

Also: see the Hogan Lovells Topic Center: COVID-19.

Kobre &  Kim
Making Patents Pay: Monetizing Dormant Assets in an Economic Downturn

Latham & Watkins 
Impact of COVID-19 on French Law Governed Contracts 

Recorded Webcast: Small Business Loans Under the CARES Act: What You Need to Know

 FAQs: Small Business Loans Under the CARES Act. 

Latham’s COVID-19 Resources page

Meitar Law Offices

COVID-19 influence on the Q1 202 financial reports disclosure

Compliance Updates - May 19 

Summary Of Emergency Regulations Regarding Workplaces 

Privacy Regulation In What Concerns Entry To Work And Commerce Places 

Cancellation of the temporary rules regarding license for unpaid leave to pregnant workers

Corona Outbreak - The Day After

The OECD's Analysis of Tax Treaties and the Impact of the COVID-19 Crisis

Is the American aid program relevant for Israeli companies?

Securities authority states the impact of the Coronavirus

Novel Coronavirus: employers guide

Naschitz Brandes Amir
Frequent Coronavirus updates page

S. Horowitz & Co.

Insolvency as a Tool for Financial Rehabilitation 

The Impact of the Corona Pandemic on Tenders and Related Litigation

The Impact of the Corona Pandemic on Regulation in the Health Field

The Impact of the Corona Crisis on Commercial Leases

Steps to Facilitate the Management of Companies During the Covid-19 Crisis

Impact of the Corona Pandemic on Planning and Construction (law)    

Upholding Agreements under the Threat of Bankruptcy due to the Corona Crisis

Contractual Relations During the Corona Crisis

The Corona Pandemic and Trademark Law

Implications of the Coronavirus Outbreak on Environmental Regulation, Business Licensing and Work Safety 

Legal protection for a new treatment for corona – new material or new usage?

Tax Aspects of the Coronavirus Outbreak

Implications of the Spread of the Corona Virus on Employer-Employee Relations in Israel

Shibolet & Co.

Keeping You Updated - Corona Blog


Guide to the Federal Reserve's Main Street and Other Lending Programs in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic

The various ways the coronavirus may impact operations and employees.

Weathering the coronavirus outbreak


Guidelines to Employers (updated Apr. 19)

Is COVID-19 a game changer for the high-tech industry?

Should we expect a future "CoVID-19 tsumani" of insurance law suits?

Instructions for employers and public companies regarding employees' unpaid leave.

See also: the Firm's general Corona updates

 Zemah Scheider & Partners

New Regulations on Reduced Municipality Tax

Postponding Contracts And Force majeure

Tax Aspects of the Governmental Aid Program 

Signing a Declaration With a Lawyer from a distance

On postponded tax calculation dates due to the crisis

Frequent blog updates on Coronavirus related work relations, special grants and more. 

Also refer to our main news page and our event calendar for more Coronavirus related updates, hackathons, webinars and more. 

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