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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI Activities Government


IATI's Government relations are tight and fruitful. We make sure to work side by side with relevant government offices and broaden the network IATI and its members have within the  various governmental ministries and agencies. The collaboration comprises of promoting relevant legislation in matters that concern the Israeli industry, creating and improving communication and collaboration between the government and the industry, co-hosting seminars and lectures, as well as working together to promote activity and investments in the HighTech and Life Science sectors of Israel.

IATI also has close relationships with the Israeli ambassadors and commercial attachés around the world, and so enables its members to connect and build a global network of co-operation and knowledge sharing.

In addition, IATI's Government Committee thrives to further promote and develop the relationship between the industry and government, and to seek opportunities for improving government processes and policies that will encourage and promote additional growth of the high-tech and life-science industries in Israel.

IATI also runs a Government Workgroup within IATI's Multinational Forum. This workgroup reviews existing government programs and how to use them effectively  and initiates improvements in government processes and procedures that will improve the competitiveness of Israel  as a prime high-tech hub.

Some of the governmental offices we co-work with are: 

Prime Minister's Office

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Finance

Ministry of Economy

Invest in Israel (Israel's Investment Promotion Center)

Foreign Trade Administration 

Ministry of Communication

Ministry of Education

Ministry of Science


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