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IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI - Israel Advanced Technology Industries
IATI About Team


Karin Mayer Rubinstein

Karin Mayer Rubinstein
CEO and President, Israel Advanced Technology Industries (IATI)

  • Karni Setbon

    Karni Setbon
    Finance and Members Account Manager

    In charge of IATI's accounting and payments administrations. Keeps personal and continuous contact with life science start-up members. Committed to producing added value to LS young member companies. 

    Tel.: 972-(0)73-713-3402
    Email: ksetbon@iati.co.il

  • Idan Daniel

    Idan Daniel
    Chief Of Staff To CEO

    Manages all the activities of his field, and reports to IATI CEO. Takes part in meeting foreign delegations, and lobbying for the benefit of Israeli tech industry related legislation.

    Tel.: 972-(0)73-372-5335
    Email: idan@iati.co.il

  • Avivit Mishmari

    Avivit Mishmari
    Content & Social Media Manager

    Manages IATI's content and phrases the messages expressed over our content channels such as website, social networks, activity reports, and more. Coordinates IATI's co-projects with newspapers and websites, including articles, opinion pieces, and blogs. Keeps track of essential info regarding Israeli tech, which might aid IATI in its mission. 

    Tel: +972-73-713-6313
    Email: avivit@iati.co.il

  • Leeat Sokol

    Leeat Sokol
    Member Relations Manager

    Manages IATI events and member relations. Works to provide IATI members, with whom she keeps personal contact, with added value and to connect the different ecosystem sectors.

    Tel.: 972-(0)73-372-5336
    Email: leeat@iati.co.il

  • Dafna Peled

    Dafna Peled
    PA to CEO & President

    Manages the agenda and official meetings of IATI's CEO, including coordinating the team's work meetups with hundreds of foreign delegations and organizations each year, aiding in special IATI projects, and more. Cares about arranging and synchronizing the little details. 

    Tel: +972-73-713-6313
    Email: dafna@iati.co.il  

  • Gal Halperin

    Gal Halperin
    Project Manager & International Relations Coordinator

    Coordinating IATI's special annual conferences and meeting with foreign delegations. In charge of initiating and managing the regular meetings of IATI Committes and Work Groups.

    Tel: +972-73-713-3403 
    Email: gal@iati.co.il

  • Yael Guisky

    Yael Guisky
    Government Relations Manager

    Innitates and coordinates IATI's activities regarding co-work with ministries and governmental agencies, lobbying and letting the voice of the industry be heard when setting new rules and regulations which influence the high-tech and life science industry. 

  • Uri Iss

    Uri Iss
    Accountant Manager

    Email: Update@iati.co.il

  • Aviva Drozdinskyte

    Aviva Drozdinskyte
    Project Manager

    Takes part in organizing and producing IATI's larger and annual events. Glad to be witnessing Israeli innovation. 

    Email: avivad@iati.co.il

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